“Do the Little Things Best”
It motivates us to make technology and start designing on the idea that. “Audit Shield”

Name this project “Preventum Project”.

It focuses on the protection of threats that occur within the computer network.

Based on the experience of technology development by the research and development team, SRAN Technology has created a “Preventum” for small and medium organizations. Including home. It has the technology to prevent cyber threats at affordable prices. It has the features and functionalities close to the enterprise (Enterprise) in a software-ready format, integrated into the hardware, size appropriate to the available units. Also called “Appliance” and can be used through Cloud Services as well.

The next reason is to be a part of reducing cyber risks. Due to data from CBL (Composite Blocking List) and blacklist Also known as the “Blacklist” has ranked Thailand also has a blacklisted risk in the 1 to 10 for a continuous period. According to a survey conducted in July 2560, Thailand is still at risk and is in one of the top 10 high-risk countries with the spread of computer viruses. And the program does not rely on (Malware)


In the chart above, Thailand is ranked 8th with cyber risk. The blacklist is more than 169,756 IP days per day, and when the reverse lookup IP address is blacklisted in Thailand. All come from small agencies and home. These are all units that are lack of human resources. Technology And the process of making the information system secure and secure.

Important parts of the small and medium. It is also a target group for computer viruses and is constantly being attacked because of a lack of funding to provide cyber threats.

This is the source of this project. We just want to reduce the risk that is present and make small agencies secure and secure from the use of information and the Internet.

Example of customer using SRAN (Site Reference)

“More than 500 leading companies in the country choose SRAN technology.”